The Covid-19
Resource Roundup

Solidarity in the face of uncertainty

As we all try to navigate the magnitude of the challenges facing our industry, we wanted to provide a resource where fellow hospitality professionals could come to find insightful, reliable and helpful articles, videos, blogs and more about what Covid-19 means for us as an industry and how best to weather the storm that faces us.

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save-my-spot-logo-4Struggling hospitality businesses across Southern Africa can list their business on Save my Spot, where loyal patrons can buy coupons at a discount and support a charity
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treatournhsJoin with the hotels, restaurants and other leisure facilities across the UK in pledging free getaways to NHS workers once movement restrictions are lifted, or nominate a deserving NHS worker
#TreatOurNHS on Twitter

savepublifeBudweiser’s Save Pub Life initiative aims to provide British pubs with a source of income by offering patrons the opportunity to buy gift cards, and matching the value as a donation
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homesfornhsShort term rental properties that are vacant due to travel restrictions can work with the Homes for NHS scheme to provide accommodation to NHS workers
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oursocialkitchenOur Social Kitchen allows chefs and restaurateurs to share their passion for food in a safely physically distant way. Donations go to the South African Food Communities Trust
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Free resources

free-orm-report-preview2-GuestRevuGuestRevu is offering a free online reputation management report and optional consultation to help accommodation providers with their plans for reopening
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asksuitelogoAsksuite is offering hotels in North America and Europe free use of their award-winning chatbot until December
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UKPathwaylogoUKH Pathway by UKHospitality and CPL Learning is an online training platform offering hospitality courses for free during the closure period
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hotelsolutionslogoHotel Solutions Partnership are offering 500 complimentary one-hour consultations to hospitality businesses in need
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unwtologoThe UNWTO has created an interactive map detailing what governmental aid is available for tourism businesses across the world
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eacademylogoeHotelier is offering massive discounts on many of its distance learning hospitality courses
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Visualizing the Countries Most Reliant on Tourism

By Visual Capitalist – 22 May 2020

Without a steady influx of tourism revenue, many countries could face severe economic damage.

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UK consumers could spend nearly £4 billion in hospitality sector during first week after lockdown is lifted

By Boutique Hotel News – 22 May 2020

UK: New research says pent up demand from the public for eating, drinking and travelling, could see £3.8 billion being spent in the first week after restrictions are lifted.

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US hotel workforce slowly rebuilding

By Hotel News Now – 22 May 2020

Data shows that as hotel demand returns in the U.S., hotel staffing is slowly increasing, starting with housekeeping.

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Europe promises to reopen for summer tourism in wake of coronavirus

By CNN travel – 21 May 2020

(CNN) — The world's biggest tourist playground has been roped off since it became a coronavirus epicenter, but as summer looms Europe is desperate to lift restrictions to get visitors pumping much needed cash into stricken economies.

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Hospitality Action challenges industry to clock up 20,000 miles to raise funds for the vulnerable

By Boutique Hotelier – 21 May 2020

Trade charity Hospitality Action is calling all cyclists, joggers, runners and walkers regardless of age or ability to collectively cycle, jog, run or walk 19,491 miles, the length of the entire UK coastline to raise money to support UK hospitality employees who are facing ongoing financial uncertai...

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Opinion: Collapse of Africa’s tourism industry hits rural communities and wildlife hard

By devex – 21 May 2020

One of the leading economic casualties of the COVID-19 outbreak is tourism. The impacts in Africa from a decimated tourism industry will have ripple effects into rural communities and wildlife conservation across the continent. While Africa’s leaders grapple with how to best protect and save lives w...

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CEOs reassess relationships with guests, owners, OTAs

By Hotel News Now – 20 May 2020

The CEOs of Best Western, IHG and Radisson say recovery already has started, but to get back to 2019 levels, guests must be reassured about cleanliness and owners must be convinced to spend more on operations, sales and marketing.

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International tourism is set to plunge by 80% this year – but some regions could recover more quickly

By World Economic Forum – 20 May 2020

COVID-19 has closed hotels and grounded planes for many weeks. Now the human cost of this standstill is coming into focus.

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Video conference of ministers of tourism, 20 May 2020

By European Council Council of the European Union – 20 May 2020

Ministers exchanged views on how best to take forward the implementation of the guidelines and recommendations presented by the Commission on 13 May with a view to helping member states coordinate the gradual lifting of travel restrictions and allow tourism businesses to reopen while respecting the ...

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GBTA Study Finds More Than Half of Companies Considering Resuming Travel in Near Future

By Hotel News Resource – 20 May 2020

Companies Want to See Several Health and Safety Guidelines Throughout All Travel Sectors

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UNWTO - Trust is the New Currency

By Hotel News Resource – 18 May 2020

Statement from Zurab Pololikashvili UNWTO Secretary-General  

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6 tactics we can learn from hotels in Sweden that remain open during COVID-19

By e Insights – 19 May 2020

Amid the crisis that has swept up a storm for the hospitality industry as countries across the globe implement travel and mobility bans, Sweden has yet to order any lockdowns. Contrasting sharply with the rest of Europe and beyond, Sweden has only imposed relatively lenient restrictions, meaning tha...

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Each pandemic comes with its share of innovations

By e Insights – 18 May 2020

In the April 6, 2020 edition of The New Yorker, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases in the United States, suggested that people approach the current situation with a condition-based approach mindset: “You don’t make the timeline, the virus makes...

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Who’s Booking Hotel Rooms Right Now? Vacation Optimists.

By Intelligencer – 15 May 2020

It’s obvious that travel is way down right now, but Booking Holdings, the company that owns online travel agencies including Priceline and, helps us put some numbers to the size of the slide. Newly booked room nights through the company’s sites were 85 percent lower this April than the s...

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Survey Results: How Hotels Are Coping With COVID-19

By Hotel Online – 15 May 2020

The results are in from two Cendyn surveys polling hoteliers across the globe on how they are coping with the effects of COVID-19.  Gauge the industry pulse and read first-hand accounts of how hoteliers are dealing with the coronavirus on both an individual level and as an operation.

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Comment: What hoteliers have learned about the big two OTAs during COVID-19 crisis

By Travolution – 15 May 2020

Robin Shepperd, chairman and chief executive of Bespoke Hotels, contrasts the approaches to partnership taken by and Expedia in the coronavirus pandemic

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Revenge travelling after COVID-19: What will it look like?

By e Insights – 14 May 2020

In light of COVID-19, many people had to cancel travel plans they were excited for – be it a weekend getaway or the trip of a lifetime. Either way, recent surveys show that people who can, will want to catch up on missed travel opportunities when the crisis subsides. This has led to the hotel and to...

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These countries are making ‘travel bubbles’ for post-lockdown tourism

By World Economic Forum – 14 May 2020

As countries begin to ease lockdown measures in order to kickstart their economies, all eyes are on how international borders will reopen, thereby enabling business and tourism to resume.

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How COVID-19 is destroying Africa's tourism industry

By DW Made for minds – 13 May 2020

Africa's tourism industry has been hard hit by coronavirus lockdowns. Overnight, hotel bookings were canceled, safaris postponed and cultural tours abandoned. DW meets operators struggling to stay afloat.

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Hospitality sector needs flexible government support

By The Spirits Business – 13 May 2020

Trade associations UK Hospitality and the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) have welcomed the extension of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, which was due to end in July. UK chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the extension of the scheme to October yesterday (12 May), whereby the government ...

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Analysis: At What Occupancy Rate Can a Hotel Break-Even?

By HOTSTATS – 13 May 2020

 COVID-19 has made breaking-even more tolerable than the alternative—going broke. It's not the hand hoteliers wanted, but it's the hand they've been dealt, forcing them to approximate at what occupancy rate they can operate their hotel such that cost and revenue are equal.

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UNWTO Releases a COVID-19 Technical Assistance Package for Tourism Recovery

By Hotel News Resource – 12 May 2020

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has released a Tourism Recovery Technical Assistance Package to offer guidance to Member States in response to COVID-19. The package is structured around three main pillars: economic recovery, marketing and promotion and institutional strengthening and resilien...

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Hotels' challenge: Balance hospitality with sanitizing initiatives

By Travel Weekly – 13 May 2020

Once a relatively invisible part of the guest experience, health and safety standards have been thrust into the spotlight as hotels prepare to resume operations in the wake of Covid-19.

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World Tourism Remains At a Standstill As 100% of Countries Impose Restrictions on Travel

By Hotel News Resource – 11 May 2020

Opening the world up to tourism again will save jobs, protect livelihoods and enable our sector to resume its vital role in driving sustainable development

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Coronavirus: How lockdown is being lifted across Europe

By BBC News – 11 May 2020

After almost seven weeks of lockdown in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the next phase of the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Boris needs to translate an ambiguous message to hospitality this evening

By Hospitality & Catering News – 10 May 2020

The benefit of hindsight will be dutifully exercised in years to come when media scrutinise the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Government’s actions around it.

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'Europe needs a break': EU plots to restart travel and tourism despite COVID

By Reuters – 09 May 2020

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU states should guarantee vouchers for travel cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic and start lifting internal border restrictions in a bid to salvage some of the summer tourism season, the bloc’s executive will say next week.

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What Can You Do To Make Your Hotel Appeal To The Domestic Market?

By Netaffinity – 08 May 2020

With light finally being shed on when this will all begin to pass, it is truly time to start planning for your re-opening come July.

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COVID-19 and the F&B industry: delivery services to the rescue

By e Insights – 07 May 2020

Even before the ominous COVID-19 started to make headlines around the world, online food delivery was reaping the benefits of more widespread digitalization and a greater abundance of delivery apps. The general trend towards e-commerce, increased urban living and changing social behaviors had all be...

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How online reviews can help you attract post-Covid travellers

By Asksuite – 07 May 2020

“I hope you are well” was how emails used to begin. In recent months we have now added “in these uncertain times” to the obligatory greeting. This sense of uncertainty is likely to remain with us a lot longer than the virus remains in our populations. Uncertainty or even fear is likely to be the def...

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Connecting in social distancing: the new customer service in hotels

By GuestRevu – 07 May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and interact with others. We are now forced to live with social distancing and that means hotels need to adapt to this new reality and to get adequately prepared for it.

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Welcoming Britain back: tourism businesses set out post-lockdown plans

By The Guardian – 06 May 2020

As the nation waits for details of the UK’s exit strategy, destinations are working on safe ways to manage visitors this summer

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World tourism faces worst crisis since records began, says UNWTO

By The Guardian – 07 May 2020

Travel industry could see an 80% decline in international arrivals for 2020 amid crisis that threatens livelihood of up to 120 million people

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Urgent Appeal to International Community to Support African Travel and Tourism Sector

By Hotel News Resource – 06 May 2020

Five international air transport and tourism bodies have launched an appeal to international financial institutions, country development partners and international donors to support Africa’s Travel & Tourism sector which employs some 24.6 million people on the African continent. Without urgent fundi...

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United States travel sector peers into post Covid-19 world

By Breaking travel news – 05 May 2020

Following a collaboration between medical experts and a broad array of businesses and organisations, the United States travel industry has outlined a vision for travel in the post Covid-19 world.

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‘Safe’ Becomes Rural Tourism Pitch to a Distancing Public

By The Wall Street Journal – 04 May 2020

Travel marketing largely went quiet as people huddled at home to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus and slow its advance. But as hints of a reopening grow, some rural destinations are seeing their remote seclusion as a selling point in anxious times.

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TripAdvisor cuts 900 staff to reduce costs amid COVID-19 pandemic

By Travel Weekly – 04 May 2020

Tripadvisor is taking the difficult step of reducing its total workforce by around a quarter, as it seeks to combat the threat of COVID-19

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Battered Global Tourism Industry Makes Reopening Plans

By The New York Times – 3 May 2020

Six months ago, the global tourism industry was celebrating a record year for travel. Now, it's decimated and facing a recovery that could take years.

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Covid-19 throws Europe's tourism industry into chaos

By The Guardian – 02 May 2020

The coronavirus crisis has flung Europe’s tourism sector into chaos, with borders closed and airlines grounded. But if that is frustrating for holidaymakers, it risks ruining holiday businesses and devastating the economies that depend on them.

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Guide to a downturn: The current crisis versus history

By Hotel News Now – 29 Apr 2020

Hotel News Now reached out to industry experts for a guide to understanding the impact of COVID-19 in comparison to past U.S. recessions including 9/11 and the Great Recession.

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The Coming Future Of Travel, In 100 Questions

By Skift – 27 Apr 2020

At Skift we pride ourselves at deciphering and defining the future of travel. In fact that has been our tagline for many years now.  With the pandemic stopping travel of all kinds and a potential global reset of travel from here on, we have lots of questions about where our sector is going.

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Why I travel

By eHotelier – 24 Apr 2020

In a world where physical distancing and travel even to a grocery store can cause harm to you and the community, here is a perspective on why I dream of travel.

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Planning for the future: hotel inventory management and distribution

By eHotelier – 23 Apr 2020

We are all aware of the health and economic crisis that we are experiencing around the world, and we have already assimilated that the tourism industry has been forced to stop its activity either by government mandate or by the lack of demand.

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Evolution of the Hotel Experience, in a New World & Key Areas for Hoteliers to Integrate Now - By Kelly Gardner

By Hotel News Resource – 22 Apr 2020

While none of us can completely know what’s in store, one thing we can count on is change, embracing it, adapting to it and doing our best to use this time well and keep morale and creativity high. Guest writer Kelly Gardner shares her insights for the hotel industry.

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Should Hotels Consider Resuming Google Ads and Other Search Campaigns?

By PhocusWire – 21 Apr 2020

After the brutal shock to the travel industry due to the coronavirus crisis, the vast majority of hotels stopped or questioned all their investments in online marketing, mainly Google Ads and metasearch.

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What Will Day One Look Like? Mower Study Reveals Consumer Approach to Post-COVID-19 World

By Hotel News Resource – 22 Apr 2020

Whether it’s tomorrow or six months from now, at some point local and state governments will begin to ease COVID-19-related restrictions and people will be free to resume their everyday lives. But will they? Independent marketing, advertising and public relations agency Mower has conducted a survey ...

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The Darwinian laws of a post Covid19 hotel market

By eHotelier – 22 Apr 2020

The coronavirus has taken an unprecedented toll on the travel industry. At the time of writing this article, every single actor is taking concrete actions and cutting costs in order to keep their head above water. As a hotelier, you most likely also had to make fast and difficult choices to shelter ...

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Top 10 Ways to Prepare your Hotel for the Rebound in Travel Demand

By Hotel News Resource – 21 Apr 2020

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact travel globally, it is important to observe industry forecasts and trends that will ultimately shape your recovery strategy as hotels begin to plan for the initial rebound in travel demand.

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China's hotel industry finally reports increased bookings

By Tourism Review – 20 Apr 2020

As the world battles to gain a semblance of stability from the Coronavirus pandemic, China is on its way to achieving normalcy. Of all the industries in the country that are already reopening and starting a business, China’s hotel industry has experienced an increase in bookings and reservations fro...

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96% Of Global Destinations Impose Travel Restrictions, UNWTO Reports

By Hotel News Resource – 17 Apr 2020

The scale of disruption caused by COVID-19 to global tourism is shown in a comprehensive new report on travel restrictions from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The landmark report, published at a time of unprecedented disruption for the sector, shows that almost all global destinations have ...

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Industry Partners: We Want to Be There for Hotels When Recovery Begins

By Hotel News Resource – 16 Apr 2020

During HFTP’s second vendor-focused Hangout on April 15, 125+ hospitality technology solution providers came together to give their perspectives on the current state of the industry, as well as what it would take for small and mid-sized hospitality tech businesses to emerge intact on the other side ...

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Hoteliers find revenue, outreach opportunities in F&B

By Hotel News Now – 15 Apr 2020

Adapting F&B offerings helps hotels maintain a connection to their communities and staff while contributing critical revenue.

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Operating Performance At Low Occupancy Levels

By CBRE Hotels – 15 Apr 2020

Since January 2020, CBRE Hotels Research has been analyzing the impact of the COVID-19 virus to understand how the societal and economic impacts of COVID-19 will influence the performance of U.S. hotels.

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Hotel marketing crisis management: successes, do’s and don’ts

By eHotelier – 14 Apr 2020

In the short term and mid-term your goal is to maintain customer relations, generate incremental cash flow where possible, cover fixed costs and keep as many people employed as possible. In the long term your goal is to recover and scale back up faster than the competitive set.

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Hotels Should Expect Business Travel to Rebound First: The Long View This Week

By Skift – 10 Apr 2020

Antibody testing could defy travel analyst expectations and cause business travel to return before leisure, but the theory hinges on the success of the testing.

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New E-Learning Platform For Hospitality Workers Launched

By CPL Learning – 09 Apr 2020

Hospitality trade body UKHospitality and CPL Learning have launched an online training platform for hospitality team members.

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Best Practices for Hotel Management Company CROs Responding to COVID-19

By Hotel News Resource – 09 Apr 2020

HSMAI hosted a Hotel Management Company (HMC) Chief Revenue Officer Virtual Roundtable on March 25 that focused on the impact that COVID-19 is having on hotel revenue optimization. In addition to discussing key indicators they are using to track how the hospitality industry is doing, HMC CRO partici...

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The Coronavirus pandemic: What should hoteliers do regarding marketing?

By eHotelier – 08 Apr 2020

The most common question we are asked these days is “what role should marketing play for hoteliers during these extraordinary times?” A million-dollar question indeed. Like you, our situation is changing every hour, and is highly unpredictable, so job one is to stay as informed as possible.

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Stay home today, #TravelTomorrow

By eHotelier – 08 Apr 2020

#TravelTomorrow has become the common thread that runs through the World Tourism Organization’s response to the current crisis, highlighting the enduring values of tourism.

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COVID-19: Insights on Travel Impact, Europe #10

By Sojern – 06 Apr 2020

With over 1.3 million confirmed cases and more than 69,000 deaths from COVID-19 globally as of 6th April, we are undoubtedly seeing significant impact across all industries around the world, including the travel industry. 

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Where Do We Go From Here? Surprising Predictions From 12 Travel Experts

By Forbes – 05 Apr 2020

When this pandemic passes, where will the travel industry be? Where will we want to go? Or will we want to, in the same ways we have before?

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Sink or swim: navigating the Covid-19 crisis and preparing for the future

By GuestRevu – 02 Apr 2020

Great insights from many industry leaders on how and what to do now to prepare for the coming change in the market.

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How hard will the coronavirus hit the travel industry?

By National Geographic – 02 Apr 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic brings travel to a standstill, causing massive job and revenue losses. Will there be light at the end of the tunnel?

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How to manage your hotel’s revenue strategy during a crisis

By PhocusWire – 02 Apr 2020

The travel industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Hotels are struggling with falling occupancy rates, while travelers are canceling trips to increase social distancing.

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Temporary Closure Digital Checklist for Hotels

By Cogwheel Marketing – 01 Apr 2020

If you are in a circumstance where you need to temporarily close or suspend operations at the hotel, here is a checklist for hotels that lists the sites you can/should update with proper messaging.

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11 ways marketing can prepare hotels for life after COVID-19

By Hotel Management – 01 Apr 2020

Though business is down now, there are a number of things marketing professionals can do during the COVID-19 pandemic to prepare for the future.

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eHotelier supports the Hospitality industry through accessible online learning

By eHotelier – 02 Apr 2020

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and as part of our continued support for the global hospitality community, a large selection of eHotelier Academy’s courses are now available at significantly reduced prices.

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This is Definitely Not the End for the Hotel Industry

By Hotel Mogel – 30 Mar 2020

The travel and hospitality business will come back. It might take a year, but we’ve weathered the OTAs and shared economy’s disruptive effects, and we will weather this one too.

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STR: Hotels In Europe Should Still Plan For Demand This Summer

By HospitalityNet – 27 Mar 2020

For hotels in Europe, we've hit rock bottom, but that means the only way is up, right? The STR EMEA update webinar, hosted earlier today by Robin Rossmann, Managing Director of STR's international business, gave us great insight into the situation Europe-wide, but with some glimmer of hope.

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Hospitality and the Coronavirus – Part 1 [video]

By Mews – 25 Mar 2020

Watch the webinar recording for "Hospitality and the Coronavirus: Accommodating the unpredictable (Part 1)"

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An insider look at the UK hospitality industry amid a crisis [interview]

By GuestRevu – 19 Mar 2020

We speak with a UK hotel's general manager about what he has been doing to weather the COVID-19 pandemic while his doors remain open.

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