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Absolutely fantastic! The excellent reports have saved us money far in excess of what we pay. We have a far quicker response time now to any weaknesses identified. This is certainly one of the best decisions we made.

Michael Austin
Accounting Administrator
River Hotels

I guess what I probably didn't understand at the beginning was actually how well as agencies they [GuestRevu and For-Sight] would work together. And it's probably that collaboration that's given the real power in the data and information that we have

David Scott
The Hotel Folk

Because our feedback is gaining more momentum, and because it’s so positive, it’s really having a dramatic effect on the staff. Staff members are trying to outdo each other in terms of performance, and ensuring that our guests leave the hotel with a huge smile on their faces.

Wilson Bird
General Manager
Breaffy House Resort

There have been the smallest little things that if it weren't for GuestRevu we wouldn't have known about. We all get busy and we don't get to 500 rooms every single day, but now it's so easy to pinpoint where the guest stayed, and in which room.

Adriaan Liebetrau
Head of Hospitality
The MINT Group

I found [the support] to be extremely helpful. I'm sure we're not the only property [you have], but with each call, and no matter what I asked, the response was 'Okay, let's try something different.’

Lisa Glynn
Sales & Marketing Manager
Shannon Springs Hotel

Through GuestRevu’s monthly management reports, we were able to drill down within the report to see departments, and sections within the departments, that were performing well and performing negatively

Wilson Bird
General Manager
Breaffy House Resort