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GuestRevu provides great insights along with personalised service that helps to achieve best results. We’ve been amazed how much information escaped our attention before. Thanks to GuestRevu we can now handle it effectively.

Diana Dzhiganshina
Sales and Marketing Executive
The B+B Collection

Absolutely fantastic! The excellent reports have saved us money far in excess of what we pay. We have a far quicker response time now to any weaknesses identified. This is certainly one of the best decisions we made.

Michael Austin
Accounting Administrator
River Hotels

When we meet with the business partner once a month to show them what is happening and meet with the team on the ground to go through what's happening at the hotel, part of those meetings is the GuestRevu report, where we can see what is needed in each property.

Adriaan Liebetrau
Head of Hospitality
The MINT Group

I can say firsthand that GuestRevu made such a positive difference to our online reputation. We thought we were in quite a good position, so we weren't sure that we needed it. But it gave us such a strong advantage against our competitors!

Sinéad Lavery
General Manager
Tara Lodge

You have to accept that quality is whatever the guest defines as quality. If they need a hundred TV channels, then they need a hundred TV channels. Analysing guest feedback helps us understand this and make the necessary adjustments.

Wouter Hensens
Executive Dean
Stenden Academy, South Africa

I guess what I probably didn't understand at the beginning was actually how well as agencies they [GuestRevu and For-Sight] would work together. And it's probably that collaboration that's given the real power in the data and information that we have

David Scott
The Hotel Folk