Get quick help with these common issues

Customising your survey

You can make changes to your questionnaire at any time. We recommend you preview your questionnaire to see exactly which questions you’re currently asking, and how your question and page logic works.

Some questionnaire changes will have an impact on the way your data is displayed in your reports, so it’s important you are familiar with your questionnaires and reports

How to update your banner images and branding

You can customise and update your brand wrapper and banner images throughout GuestRevu, ensuring your surveys and any social posts you create through the social sharing feature are consistent with your brand’s look and feel

Any-time surveys

You can share your surveys with your guests any time it's convenient for them with a QR code or live survey link. 

How to edit your email templates

You can customise the emails that go out to your guests. The default email template is a good place to start, but customised emails usually encourage guests to respond more frequently

How to preview your questionnaire

You can preview your questionnaire in a variety of different ways. Click here to learn how

Can I add additional languages to my questionnaire?

Your GuestRevu account supports multiple language versions of the same survey. These translations allow guests to give feedback in whichever language they are most comfortable with. If you would like to create a version of your survey in another language, follow these easy steps.

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