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What is my Net Promoter Score?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is used to gauge your customer satisfaction and loyalty, and serves as an alternative to the traditional overall satisfaction rating. It is a key metric to keep an eye on and some businesses have found a correlation between their NPS and their revenue growth. Learn more about the NPS here

What are Primary Service Ratings?

Primary Service Ratings are scores given for services or features that are common across the majority of hospitality businesses and which guests are asked to rate on most online review sites, such as Overall Satisfaction, Value for money etc.

Advanced Filters

Advanced filters allow you to slice and dice your data to delve deeper into specific guest feedback insights by using your guest, review and question filters

The GuestRevu Rating

Your GuestRevu Rating (GRR) provides one key performance indicator to benchmark your past and present performance and other scores against. Unlike standard ratings, your GRR is worked out by considering multiple factors to give you an accurate, consolidated score to monitor

How to set targets and goals on your reports

Setting targets on your dashboard and reports allows you to set goals that you aim to reach for specific areas of your property or your overall feedback scores. Your team will easily be able to see each area's performance against your target scores and what level your guests are rating each area. Insights like these are invaluable for improving guest experience scores and making the right operational decisions

What data are you using for my competitors?

Competitor scores are calculated using their public average ratings from various sources such as Tripadvisor or

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