Understand your guest experience
with GuestRevu & For-Sight

Are you missing the data you need to make deep insights and engage with your guests?

It can be hard to really understand your guests when you only have online review data to go on, especially now when their needs are changing and evolving. Plus how do you remarket to those guests who have stayed with you in a way that is attractive enough to entice them back?

As a hotelier, you know that right now, every investment that you make has to count, and give you the tools necessary to attract bookings at scale.

So how do you:

  • Deeply understand your guests’ needs and experiences
  • Make operational changes based on what guests want and
  • Remarket to them in a personalised way?


Discover the key to guest insights and positive ROI

Award-winning feedback and ORM solution, GuestRevu, has teamed up with marketing and hotel CRM solution, For-Sight, to give you the most powerful hospitality technology you have ever seen. Collect and collate guest data in a meaningful way so that you and every member of your team can have a single point of truth.


Using GuestRevu and For-Sight together will directly help you to:

  • Refine and automate your marketing
  • Gain insights into guest experience and behaviour
  • Highlight potential revenue streams
  • Increase ROI from data insights
  • Easily manage privacy permissions in line with GDPR
  • Increase direct bookings
  • Find all data in one central point
  • Use the insights to make operational changes
  • Drive your online reputation through integrations with Google and TripAdvisor
  • Save time from trawling online review sites and never miss an online review
  • Maintain high brand standards across your group
  • Improve staff morale with specific guest feedback
  • Ensure any issues get resolved through Service Tickets

Take control of an undefined future

Asking guests about their stays and actioning these insights puts you in control of their booking journey, from inspiration to post-stay, no matter what the future holds. Boost your online reputation, increase your property's ROI and target guests with the personalised marketing they want to receive from you.

But don't take our word for it – this is what one of our mutual clients has to say about using both products:

David Scott
CEO, The Hotel Folk

Data only reaches it’s true potential if it provides one point of truth therefore the integration of our first-party data through For-sight and GuestRevu was a big step in bringing two important data sources together. In an increasingly personalised world sending marketing messages to guests who have had a great time or a not-such-a-great time – sending an appropriate follow-up message is only possible when the GuestRevu data integrates.

Understanding the trends over the longer term is a powerful insight for us as hoteliers, often it’s the smallest things that trigger a reaction from our guests, focussing on these smaller things can ensure our guests receive a Hotel Folk ‘Blow Your Socks Off’ hospitality experience every time.

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