For-Sight: Our new tech partner

Too many data sources & not enough time?

For-Sight solves this problem by providing one point of truth for multiple systems, including your PMS, marketing channels, and of course, your guest feedback through GuestRevu.


We have partnered with this incredible CRM to help you refine your marketing messaging and deeply understand the different needs of guests – which is so necessary, now more than ever.

For-Sight + GuestRevu = A powerful combo

Complete personalisation for each guest at every touchpoint has never been more important than it is right now. How better to do that than with the powerful combination of both For-Sight and GuestRevu together?

This will directly help you to:

  • Target your marketing outreach to defined segments, like country and sentiment
  • Fully understand your guests, from booking to on-property to post stay behaviour and beyond
  • Highlight potential revenue streams
  • Increase ROI from data insights
  • Easily manage privacy permissions in line with GDPR
David Scott
CEO, The Hotel Folk

Data only reaches it’s true potential if it provides one point of truth therefore the integration of our first-party data through For-sight and GuestRevu was a big step in bringing two important data sources together. In an increasingly personalised world sending marketing messages to guests who have had a great time or a not-such-a-great time – sending an appropriate follow-up message is only possible when the GuestRevu data integrates.

Understanding the trends over the longer term is a powerful insight for us as hoteliers, often it’s the smallest things that trigger a reaction from our guests, focussing on these smaller things can ensure our guests receive a Hotel Folk ‘Blow Your Socks Off’ hospitality experience every time.

If you want to discover exactly how signing up for For-Sight could make a difference at your property, contact us today!

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